2008 Quivira, Petite Sirah, Wine Creek Ranch


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One of the most difficult varieties to get right in the vineyard, Petite Sirah is loved for its big, thick texture and purple-black fruit flavors. This wine is definitely all of that and possesses a degree of elegance and near perfect balance. It also shows notes of mild chocolate, espresso, and exotic peppery spice.

ROOSTER – An important factor in Biodynamic farming is creating a diverse and self-sustainable estate. In 2008, we built a 1-acre garden complete with 120 raised beds, a Biodynamic prep-tower, and a chicken coop with a 1/3-acre run. Although we mainly have hens for egg laying, we also have a few roosters who are, of course, important members of the flock. Every morning, as the sun crests over the Eastern hills, the roosters strut around their run and announce their presence to the world. In a similar fashion, our Petite Sirah is big, proud, and happy to let everyone know it.

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