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Natural Wine Can Learn from Natural Food

Authors like Michael Pollan and Mark Bittman champion intelligent eating that will help us all live longer. I wonder, though, when those guys sit down to a meal with wine, do they drink organic? I’d like to think so. Laura Klein, publisher of Organic Authority, told me that people who eat organically would also be likely to drink organic, natural or sustainably-produced wine.

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Facts About Organic Wine Labeling

CCOF stands for California Certified Organic Farmers and is an organic certification program that certifies over 1,300 different organic crops and products ranging from apples to livestock to wine.  Many vineyards choose to become certified with CCOF because it has similar certification standards in the vineyard as USDA and allows the vineyards to have a recognizable symbol on their wine labels.  What it does not cover is certification in the winery, which has its own set of rules regulated by the USDA with, but at the very least it give consumers the confidence that their wines are “Made with Organic Grapes.”  …