Non-GMO Project Verified Wine

The Story Behind the Butterfly

NGP SealBecause an estimated 80% of all packaged goods now contain genetically engineered ingredients, consumer demand for products that do not contain GMOs has increased dramatically in the United States. That demand is beginning to flow over into wine and other alcoholic beverages.

While purchasing certified organic products is a substantial step in working toward a non-GMO diet, some organic manufacturers and importers are going the extra step to obtain the Non-GMO Project Verification seal to give you additional peace of mind.

Organic wine importer Natural Merchants is delighted to be able to support a healthy food system by providing Non-GMO Project Verified wines. These wines are available through Organic Wine Exchange and indicated by the Non-GMO Project Butterfly Seal. Brands include:

non-gmo-wine-LOGOSpain-VERTVS and Tarantas
Italy-Pizzolato and Pizzolato Fields
France-Les Hauts de Lagarde and Le Petit du Chateaux de Lagarde

Why choose Non-GMO Project Verified wines?

Some domestic, conventional wines can include GMO yeast and other processing ingredients. The rigorous Non-GMO-Project Verification process requires authentication of every ingredient used throughout the entire winemaking process.

From harvest to fermentation and final clarification, all ingredients used in the production of Non-GMO Project Verified wines have undergone a rigorous review to make certain that they are not at risk for GMOs.

Look for the butterflyNon-GMO Project Verified status indicates that the brands adhere to consensus-based best practices for avoidance of GMOs, which are organisms whose natural genetic material has been altered through genetically engineering techniques.

Non-GMO Project Verified wines proudly display the Non-GMO Project Verified badge on shelf tags and online so that consumers can easily identify the products. At this time, the wine labels themselves cannot display the Non-GMO Project Verification seal.

  • Natural Merchants works with family-owned wineries throughout Europe to produce quality USDA Certified Organic, No-Sulfites-Added wines, as well as wines made with organically grown grapes. The wineries adhere to strict organic standards as well as Non-GMO practices that ensure a clean glass of wine: Only indigenous, non-GMO yeast is used in the wines.
  • The effervescence in the wines occurs naturally or is derived from natural, non-GMO sources.
  • No animal byproducts are used in the production of the wines so they are vegan friendly. Only bentonite clay, a naturally occurring mineral, is used as a fining agent.

Look for the Non-GMO Project Verification logo on the Organic Wine Exchange wines and visit for more information.