Our journey started 75 years ago when a young entrepreneur decided to open up a wine store to support his family.  At a time when liquor was the beverage of choice, and neighborhood stores generally carried household items, this visionary started carrying imported wine and food from around the world.  Little did he know that the entire family would catch the wine and gourmet food bug.

Without a blink, the second generation took our journey to the next level by creating the first Southern California chapter of “Les Amis Du Vin” (friends of wine), introducing a wine bar and taking customers to meet newly emerging winemakers like Mike Grgich (Grgich Hills), John Parducci (Parducci Vineyards), and Jim/Bo Barret (Chateau Montelena) in the 70’s.

Three generations later, granddaughter Ann Rabin Arnold noticed a niche that was not clearly defined or well represented.  She found that consumers were confused about the emerging organic wine movement, and there was little to no support available between organic vineyards and consumers.   This launched the mission to form a business solely dedicated to educating the customer on the variations of wines “Made with Organic Grapes”, help them easily understand which natural wine making attributes are most important to them, and give the consumer the power to make an educated decision based on the facts that are available.


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Ann Rabin Arnold is a 3rd generation wine enthusiast, that grew up in the retail wine business, that began with her grandfather in 1938. As Ann reentered into the wine scene, she noticed a niche that was not clearly defined or well represented. This lead her on a path to bring together two of her passions:  wine and organic products.  The dream of representing organic vineyards and wines from around the world is now a reality. On any given day you can find Ann visiting wineries producing a documentary called “Off the Vine“, finding new recipes to enjoy with her family or simply having fun with her 12 year old daughter who may soon be the 4th generation wine aficionado.

You can find Ann on LinkedIn or any of the Organic Wine Exchange‘s social media sites.