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80 Years in the Retail Wine Business

I’m honored to announce that this month commemorates our family’s 80th year in the retail wine business. In February 1938, Morry Rabin took the leap of faith and opened up a neighborhood liquor store in Long Beach, CA, catering to the local wine drinkers during an otherwise non-wine drinking era. To put this into prospective, […]

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Organic Wine 101

I didn’t really have much knowledge on this topic so I reached out to Ann Rabin Arnold, founder of Organic Wine Exchange. Jumping at a chance to educate people on the benefits of organic wine, she graciously agreed to answer my questions. Enjoy reading Ann’s informative interview about organic wine.

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Coachella Valley Weekly

In theological circles, the debate still rages on whether sinful man has the honest free will to choose to love a Holy God—or is it God who does the choosing first. On a much lighter note, there is no question that we have free-volition to decide or not, what wine to drink tonight: one made […]