80 Years in the Retail Wine Business

I’m honored to announce that this month commemorates our family’s 80th year in the retail wine business.

In February 1938, Morry Rabin took the leap of faith and opened up a neighborhood liquor store in Long Beach, CA, catering to the local wine drinkers during an otherwise non-wine drinking era.

To put this into prospective, Napa wasn’t even on the map as a fine wine destination and prohibition ended just 5 years prior. Thus, most of the wines available at the time were coming from oversees.

Every day I am reminded of my family history. While it has become my own passion to support organic vineyards, I feel my grandfather Morry would stand beside me if he was still around to see the industry today.

Sometimes I wonder what he would think if he saw his youngest granddaughter carving her own path in wine industry, or what his thoughts would be if he ever experienced the concept of online sales, or if he would be surprised to find out what the wine industry has evolved into.

These thoughts are endless, but one that strikes me the most is that we both decided to choose avenues that were not mainstream when we first started our wine journey. Wine was not the drink of choice in 1938 but he was part of that change. For me, wines made from “organic grapes” were not the chosen wines, but now I can proudly say that I am part of that change as well

I’d like to share this moment with all the other entrepreneurs in the world that are brave enough share something off the beaten path and to the people who have helped carve the path before us!

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