What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

For me, Mother’s Day usually means sleeping in and taking a day off from making breakfast and washing dishes. I also get lots of hugs and get to ignore my calendar of events for one whole day!

But on the Monday after Mother’s Day, the alarm clock rings and I’m right back in the kitchen, laundry room, homework table, or being a personal chauffeur again. The joy of celebrating motherhood is not receiving flowers and chocolate, it’s the little things that I get to appreciate each day (but often take for granted).

From the time my daughter could hold a crayon, she would draw pictures for me. Those were later accompanied by words like, “I LOVE You Mommy” or a personal serenade with her ukulele when I am least expecting it. She doesn’t do these things because it’s a special day for mommies on the calendar, but because I am her mommy every day.

I’ve discovered that being a mother is not just a celebration of taking care of another being (and then celebrating it for a day), but a journey that allows me to experience the world in a new way everyday.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the human and animal mommies out there. May your day be filled with an extra dose of love, appreciation… and hopefully a little wine!

I think this year I will finally start writing love notes to my daughter… she will be a preteen soon and I expect my notes to her will eventually take the place of hers to me.

Treat yourself or a motherly figure in your own life…

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