2011 Quivira Grenache, Wine Creek Ranch


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Grenache is a versatile wine that can be described as Pinot Noir’s Mediterranean cousin: it offers similar flavor profile and texture, but on a bigger stage. A seductive nose of spice, earth, strawberries, and dark cherries leads to a firm mouth feel that balances both power and grace.

GOAT – Our unique trio of goats is housed next to our oldest block of Grenache. Besides being cute and playful, they also play an important role on the ranch. In the spring and summer months, vineyard workers lead the goats to the surrounding riparian areas where plants that house the destructive Pierce’s Disease insects fourish. Orgainc and efficient, our goats mow down the weeds with robust appetite. Cute they are, but once the leaves start unfolding on the vines we have to keep a sharp eye on them, because they are known to stray back into the vineyards for the soft early vine leaves of spring.


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