2009 Paul Dolan Sauvignon Blanc


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Black bears roam the Russian River headwaters and hills surrounding the higher elevation vineyards that grow the exceptional grapes for this Sauvignon Blanc. This northern territory is a land of extremes, with cold nights and hot days. The wine has a distinctive kiwi fruit character, complemented by bright citrus zest and lemon grass notes.

This wine is the unique expression of a carefully nurtured piece of land, made manifest in each bottle. There is no use of conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, treating the soil as a living, lifegiving system.  The winegrowing practices create special wines, while sustaining our environment, the place where we live, and the people who live there.

Varietal:  Sauvignon Blanc

*100% Organically Grown Grapes C.C.O.F Certified




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