2008 Quivira, Zinfandel, Dry Creek, Quest


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A dark, masculine yet classic Dry Creek Zinfandel. In the nose, aromas of ripe blackberry, raspberry, and bing cherry are front and center yet accentuated by subtle notes of Mediterranean herbs, cedar, and a kiss of vanilla. The texture is impressively dense with deep, rich flavors that echo on the nose.

RED TAIL HAWK – Hawks have been a part of Dry Creek Valley since long before the vineyards were planted. Look up into the tree tops along the edges of the Quivira estate at any given point in the day and you are likely to spot one, head moving ever so slightly, as it regally oversees its kingdom below. In early spring, we can feel them peering as we mow and plow under the winter cover crop. They wait patiently in pursuit of prey, knowing that it won’t be long before a mouse or other rodent will dart out. Sometimes, they swoop so close, you flinch as the hawk flashes past. We have a deep respect for their patient quest; we often feel the same as we await the wines to finish in the barrel.



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