2008 Mourvedre, DC Valley, Wine Creek Ranch


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Mourvedre has shown itself to be well suited to the Mediterranean climate of the Dry Creek Valley, but that is not to say that it comes easy. Mourvedre requires considerable hands-on work and vigilance to bring in a ripe, healthy crop. The exotic meatiness that this variety is known for is very much present, but so are the layers of blueberry, brambly-fruit, and spice all the way through the long finish.

WILD TURKEY – Wild Turkeys are a common sight all around Quivira’s 280 acres. There is an abundance of acorns, other nuts, seeds, and small fruits in the surrounding fauna, and lots of insect life throughout our Biodynamic vineyards. Our turkeys strut around the vineyards in early morning and late afternoon, and roost in the trees alongside the vineyards in the evening. Usually quiet during the rest of the year, like everything in the vineyard in Spring they are full of life, and the male mating calls can be heard distinctly as they compete for attention. It must work, because our turkey population has been growing.




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