Hawk and Horse Putting High Altitude Winemaking on the Map

Hawk and Horse SquareHawk and Horse Vineyards is one of the up-and-coming grape growing operations in Lake County, California.  It is actually one of the few recognized vineyards at such a high elevation in wine country, but this is only one of the many distinctions that make the vineyards unique.

Hawk and Horse Vineyards is family owned and is part of the family’s Diamond B Ranch.  The members of this family have devoted their careers to growing wine grapes and cultivating the finest products for wineries.  The family claims that the conditions in Lake County are unique and allow them to grow the best-quality products with the least intervention.

Other grape growers have expressed sentiments similar to those of the owners of Hawk and Horse Vineyards.  The air, water, soil and elevation are what make the area ideal for the agricultural industry.  The wines produced from the grapes grown at Hawk and Horse vineyards are biodynamic and certified organic.

Diamond B Ranch is unique in that it not only includes Hawk and Horse Vineyards but also an equestrian facility.  The family breeds Saddlebreds and Quarter Horses as well as grows a number of other vegetables and herbs.

The main variety of wine produced from the grapes grown at Hawk and Horse Vineyards is an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon that is produced biodynamically and organically.  The wines produced at Hawk and Horse Vineyards can be purchased on their webpage, and the prices range from forty-five to sixty-five dollars per bottle.  Consumers agree that these wines are special, because they cannot be made from ingredients that grow in any other parts of the world, thanks to the unique conditions in Lake County, California.  Organic farming is a core principle at Hawk and Horse Vineyards.  No chemicals are used, and everything is grown organically, just like the beef they also raise on the ranch.

Hawk and Horse Vineyards also offers tours and wine tastings.  What started as a small family operation has now become an award-winning business and tourist attraction.  The family prides itself in running a casual, friendly operation and will personally give tours by appointment to interested parties.  A visit to Hawk and Horse Vineyards will be a fun and interesting trip for the whole family, even if not all members are not old enough to taste wine or interested in the history.  Hawk and Horse Vineyards is child friendly and is also an attraction for those interested in farming or raising horses or cattle.  The owners are also great sources of information regarding organic farming and raising organic food animals, as they are passionate about doing so and have expressed their willingness to discuss these practices with those who are interested.

All wine connoisseurs in the area simply must pay a visit to Hawk and Horse Vineyards in Lake County, California.  The wine is unique and will not be like anything you have ever tasted.  The wine is guaranteed to taste great, since it is all award-winning, and you will experience a warm welcome and will leave with a wealth of knowledge.

Photo by Rocco Ceselin, Hawk and Horse Vineyards