Discover Lake County

Lake County Farmer's Finest SquareLake County, California’s new claim to fame is its growing wine industry, which produces unique, organic wines.  This reputation has been cultivated over the past couple decades, as more and more vineyards and wineries have been established in the area.  The Lake County wine industry is flourishing for many reasons, mostly due to the region’s ideal conditions for growing different varieties of grapes and other fruits.

A large part of the Lake County wine industry’s history centers on the changes that occurred during the prohibition era.  As this region has rebuilt itself, it has developed a niche of its own and has been very successful in making a comeback.  In fact, a special commission of people was formed to promote the success and growth of the Lake County wine industry.

Tourists are drawn to Lake County’s many attractions, such as Clear Lake, and other activities, but the region has much more to offer than just water sports and beautiful scenery.  Winemakers in Lake County specialize in biodynamic and organic wine varieties of the highest quality.  Visitors can tour several popular wineries and participate in wine tastings to get an idea of what makes these wines so unique.  In addition, most vineyards offer tours in which they explain the different varieties of organic grapes that are grown in the area.  Now, just as many tourists visit the region for the wine as for other activities.  In this way, the Lake County wine industry has become an essential part of the area’s economy.

Each winery in the area is famous for its own special wines, so be adventurous and research the specific types of wine that interest you at the wineries you plan to visit.  Plenty of information is available online regarding wineries in the area, and most post wine selection lists, particularly including their award-winning varieties.

The Lake County wine industry has carved out a name for itself among all of California’s wine-producing areas.  Be sure to sample as many unique wines as possible to get an idea of what makes the Lake County wine industry famous and different from other regions.

Among other reasons, the region has become so successful in wine production due to the ideal environment.  The soil, air and overall climate are conducive to growing all kinds of different varieties of grapes.  The quality of wine produced in the area is superior, not only because of the conditions but also because of the high standards that have been established in the area; only the best-quality wines are produced by the proud winemakers who are part of the Lake County wine industry.

Despite the economic recession, the Lake County wine industry is still going strong.  Along with the successful wine production and organic grapes sold from Lake County, a significant amount of farming is done in the nearby orchards, and this fruit is also of high quality.  Not only has the area been conducive to success for winemakers, but the Lake County wine industry has also become a part of the greater economy.  Among other benefits, the Lake County wine industry creates jobs and employs many people in the area.

Photo by Lake County Farmer’s Finest