Mendocino Farms and Biodynamic Agriculture

Mendocino Farms is a real rarity – a biodynamic winery.  Before we look at their farm individually, let’s take a few moments to discuss what a biodynamic winery is.  Then we can delve deeper into what Mendocino Farms is all about.

Biodynamic agriculture falls into the organic category of farming.  This type of farming environment is very resourceful.  The farmers will do their best to use everything available to them, and not bring anything from outside of the farm into the farm.  That means they will try to make the farm self-sustaining.

Nowadays, many farms are using artificial chemicals to make raising plants and animals easier.  Biodynamic agriculture is against this practice.  They are trying to be as natural as possible.

Now we know what biodynamic agriculture is, let’s look at Mendocino Farms.  They are a biodynamic winery, which means they are making wine as naturally as possible.  Instead of using science to create the plumpest grapes imaginable, they use natural grapes to a get a pure taste.  Their grapes taste like Nature intended that grapes should.

Mendocino Farms has jumped into the wine-making game running.  They have developed exquisite flavors far beyond their experience.  This is partially due to the fact that they surround themselves with the best in business.  They have chosen to take grapes from some of the best vineyards around.  By doing this they ensure that their product will be made with incredible ingredients.  That is the first step toward making a great product.

Mendocino Farms gets the grapes for their wines from three vineyards.  They are: Heart Arrow, Fairbairn, and Dark Horse Ranches.  All three of these vineyards are biodynamic as certified by Demeter, and the vineyards are also family owned.

Winemakers Steve Ryan and Owsley Brown were well-known before they teamed up to create Mendocino Farms.  When they added oenologist Paolo Cacigiorna to their project, they became more than just fine winemakers.  They became biodynamic wine makers.

To really know a winery, one has to look at their wines.  Next we will discuss one of the wines that Mendocino farms makes.

We will start with the 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon.  The grapes for this wine come from the Heart Arrow vineyard.  In making this wine they used new French oak barrels for aging.  After that they took the utmost care in bottling the wine.

The 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon has been praised for its unique flavor.  Mendocino Farms incorporates care and precision into each step of the wine making process.  The result is fine wines such as this one.

Mendocino Farms has made quite a splash in the wine market.  By utilizing biodynamic agriculture, they have created a fine tasting wine.  Still, all of this has not inflated their prices beyond the reach of most wine enthusiasts.  They have priced their wine at a very reasonable rate.  So, anyone interested in biodynamic wines and biodynamic wineries should take a look at what they have to offer.