Where’s Wino?

Take a photo of you and your bottle of wine for an opportunity to win “Wino” prizes valued at $200!


Boy and Girl


Mission: The “Winos” needs a drink of your favorite Organic Wine to keep them alive! Take them on your journey of discovering some of the best wines on the planet. How does it work?

  • Bring a picture of Wine Boy or Wino Girl with you where ever you go!
  • You can print them for your wallet or have them on your phone’s photo library.
  • Take a photo of one or both of them whenever you are drinking wines from Organic Wine Exchange and you will be entered into a drawing for a $200 WINO PRIZE!


  • Wines must be available on Organic Wine Exchange whether or not you bought them on O.W.E .
  • Wines may say “Made with Organic Grapes” OR “Organic Wine” on the bottle.
  • For every 100 photos we have posted on our FB account from Winos like you, there will be a drawing.

Share this opportunity with your friends – the more photos we receive the more prizes we give out!