Surf and Turf with Domaine Deux Anes, Premier Pas

Deux Anes Premiers Pas Bottle 100x300

The Dish

Parmesan Crusted Char ‘Slider”
Caramelized Onions, Bacon , Gorgonzola
and Smoky Catsup with Truffle Duck Fat Fries
Cold Smoked Sashimi Albacore and Mango Salsa,
served in Tempura Avocado Shell
Charred Tomato Ceviche Vinaigrette,
Cilantro Pudding and spicy Cholula essence

The Wine
2009 Domaine Deux Anes, Premier Pas
Languedoc, France
90% Carignan, 10% Grenache


The Chef

Gabbi Patrick Head ShotChef Adam Baird

What local farms do you utilize?  I like to go to a lot of the farmers markets. There’s one in Orange, there’s one in Irvine. We’ve used Kenter Canyon and I’ve been to Chino Farms and you have the benefit now of all these great farmers markets. Once or twice a week, you just go and just check out all the different types of small farmers and suppliers and they even have meats now and seafood and eggs and things. So, I leverage the farmers markets in particular since there’s such great ones out there.

How has your approach to cooking changed over the years?  I think it’s just gotten more complex because I’ve developed a better understanding of ingredients and spices and how things come together. If nothing else, it’s probably more lengthy in the components and the depth of it. Letting things pickle a little longer in a base and expanding the ingredient base wider, using some more contemporary ingredients like xanthan gum and gelatins. I’ve developed more complex food, but essentially it’s the same foundation. That part hasn’t changed.

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The Wine Expert

Alice Feiring

Carignan is a powerful grape and not far from the Mediterranean, so it picks up wonderfully complex flavors. It won’t compete with this particular spicy burger, but it will match it head on.

Alice has been published in most of the glossies in this country as well as the New York Times.   Alice is the author of two books The Battle for Wine and Love (Harcourt).  Naked Wine (Perseus Books) came out on September 2011.  When not on the road learning about wine, Alice working on her personal writing, rereading Letting Go orHudson River Bracketed, and dreaming about a cellar full of Domaine Romanée Conti.  You can find Alice on twitter at @alicefeiringor her blog The Feiring Line.



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