2015 Beaver Creek Petite Sirah

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A medium bodied, fruit forward wine, this sophisticated Petite Sirah exhibits notes of raspberry, lavender and cassis.  The harvest extended through October, producing abundant fruit with mild tannins.  The wine has gentle acidity balance with crisp mountain fruit.

Varietal:  100% Petite Sirah


*Made from USDA National Organic Program Certified Grapes and Winery since 2009, No Sulfites Added (NSA), and Demeter Biodynamic Certified in 2010

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About Beaver Creek Vineyards

Lake County, California
United States

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At Beaver Creek Vineyards, our approach is simple: “Let nature create the wonders and we will work hard to support and enhance her efforts.” With this credo as a guiding principle, Beaver Creek Vineyards strives to make wines of utmost quality borne from viticulture practices that are in alignment with nature. Beaver Creek Vineyards is an eco-friendly, organic and biodynamic certified boutique winery specializing in limited production, estate wines as well as select wines from exclusive organic or biodynamic certified vineyards. Harvests are done by hand, choosing only the best grapes for Beaver Creek wines.

The same caliber of organic practices present in our vineyards, also take place in the cellar. Our winemaking process is completely natural with no additives whatsoever. With the goal of creating the purest wines possible, Beaver Creek wines are hand crafted from beginning to end and meticulously aged in French Oak barrels. We focus on small-lot winemaking, giving exceptional care and attention to our region and Vineyard Designate wines. Our passion is Cabernet Sauvignon- the noble variety of Bordeaux that demands a delicate, labor intensive process that showcases the terroir and complexity of Lake County and beyond. A devotion to creating the best nature has to offer drives Beaver Creek to produce wines that are a true, pure, and holistic expression of life. The vitality that is embodied in our wines is part of a healthy lifestyle we wish to share with others.