2020 Eco Terreno Pride Rose

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In the glass the wine is a brilliant Spanish Pink color (rosa). The nose is extremely aromatic and has a exotic mélange of wild strawberry, dragon fruit and red plum notes. This is a dry and pleasantly fruity rosé with moderately high acidity and plenty of structure to keep it aging gracefully. Flavors of crisp watermelon, bing cherry, and white pepper followed by notes of strawberries with creme fraiche on the finish.

Although this is the ultimate warm weather party wine that tastes delicious on its own, it pairs beautifully with vegetable terrines, composed salads, patés and charcuterie, light pasta and rice based dishes, grilled fish or lobster.

Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 12 in





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About Eco Terreno

Sonoma, California
United States

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“At Eco Terreno, farming vineyards is about more than making amazing wine for your glass. It’s about caring for the health and vitality of our world and embracing the benefits of regenerative farming… healing, restoring, and strengthening the land.

Industrial farming has devastating effects on our land and is a large contributor to the dangers of climate change. Changing this narrative is well within our grasp, and soil, when cared for naturally, without chemicals, can help us rewrite it.

Our commitment to do no harm actively boosts the health of our farm, the neighboring river, and the community of insects, birds, fish, and land animals that call our area home.

With diligence and time, our soil has returned to its robust natural state. It now gives back more carbon than it takes. It’s our unsung hero, literally fighting climate change by sequestering carbon while producing excellent organic and Biodynamically farmed fruit for our wine portfolio.”