2010 Gilles Louvet O Chardonnay


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O by Gilles Louvet is a range of NOP certified premium wines made from organic grapes. The signature of the O by Gilles Louvet lies within the style of each wine that represents the qualities unique to each terroir. This Chardonnay has a nose full of dried fruits and vanilla, while the palate is buttery with toasted notes.


Appellation : Vin de pays d’OC

Vintage: 2010

Yield: 50 HL /HA

Grape varieties: 100% Chardonnay

Age of the vines: 30 years old

Terroir: The vines stand on the highest plots of a hillside. The cool nights have the beneficial effect of delaying the harvests by more than a month after those lower down and on the costal areas. It ensures to preserve the healthiest grapes with the maximum of aromas. It also maintains the high level of natural acidity required for perfect balance. These conditions are particularly well suited to the Chardonnay varietal, which develops its best potential thanks to slower ripening.

Harvest: harvested in the coolest hours of the night to protect and retain the fruity aromas from the grape

Winemaking notes, ageing: fermented at controlled temperature, the wine is aged on lees.


Scintillating old-gold color with a few green tints. On the nose, the dried-fruit notes stand out mingling with hints of vanilla and toast. This overall impression on the nose attests to the wine is very accomplished maturity and suggests a sweet sensation. On the palate it offers great harmony and volume with buttery and toasted notes.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy at 54 °F with grilled fish, poultry or fresh cheese.

Drink within : 2 years



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