2012 Quivira, Grenache Rose, Wine Creek Ranch


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Using hand-selected Grenache clusters from western-facing vine rows, this wine is a floral and fruit infused wine that is a pure joy to drink. A healthy balance of Mourvedre grapes are added to bring in additional flavor and complexity. Wild strawberries, wildflowers, mild savory herbs, and an unabashed racy acidity makes this is a natural picnic favorite with charcuterie and mild cheeses.

Moon – The ancients recognized the power and influence of the moon over the plant and animal kingdoms and their farming was conducted in concert with its phases. Sadly, in our rush to embrace technology, we have lost touch with this wisdom, our common legacy. Since Quivira’s conversion to Biodynamic farming, we have sought to reconnect with these ancient farming practices and work in harmony with the rhythms of our closest celestial neighbor.

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