2008 Quivira Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley, Flight


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Lively and feminine, this Dry Creek Zinfandel is blended with Viognier producing dazzling aromatics of bright bing cherry, fresh raspberry, and classic white pepper notes. The palate is fruit-forward and graceful with lovely floral tones and lush flavors of dense fruit and spice.

DRAGONFLY – It is a special time, that midsummer point when the heat of day puts a slight shimmer to the light and the vineyards have an audible buzz …when suddenly you realize that the air around you is filled with dragonflies. Literally, what seems to be hundreds of dragonflies have taken flight, dancing, darting and hovering above and around the vines. The dragonfly is an apt symbol for the “Flight” Zinfandel bottling – which offers that unique lifted, aromatic quality of the Zinfandel grown in certain Dry Creek Valley vineyard sites. We do our best to keep the environment healthy and keep the dragonflies coming back. Legend has it, the healthier the dragonfly population, the better the Zinfandel.




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