Natural Wines

“I thought all wine was natural”.  This is the largest misconception that wineries, retailers, restaurants and wholesalers hear on a daily basis, but not too long ago this was true.  Vineyards and farms were smaller, they did not take away vital elements of the soil or the surrounding microorganisms that helped their crop, they had natural ways of fighting pest and molds, and they were not concerned with mass production

Unfortunately, the changes our society went through to produce mass quantities of food were also adopted by the wine business.  The truth is, most of the wine on the market have a lot of chemicals and additives just like many other products.

Fortunately, there are handfuls of emerging “stewards of the land” that are bringing life and “terroir” back into the wines, that those before us grew up on. It is important to for the consumer to be aware of these differences and find wines that match the lifestyle they are living.