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Organic Wine 101

I didn’t really have much knowledge on this topic so I reached out to Ann Rabin Arnold, founder of Organic Wine Exchange. Jumping at a chance to educate people on the benefits of organic wine, she graciously agreed to answer my questions. Enjoy reading Ann’s informative interview about organic wine.

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Coachella Valley Weekly

In theological circles, the debate still rages on whether sinful man has the honest free will to choose to love a Holy God—or is it God who does the choosing first. On a much lighter note, there is no question that we have free-volition to decide or not, what wine to drink tonight: one made with organically grown grapes or not.

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Miramonte, Feb 2013 – Healing Horses NV Pizzolato Prosecco $15 2010 Girasole Pinot Blanc $14 2010 L. De Lagarde Bordeaux-Rouge $12 2010 Chacewater Zinfandel $18 Pizzolato Moscato NV $15 La Brasserie Bistro, April 2013– Desert Arc 2011 Biokult Rose Secco $17 2013 Nuevo Mundo Sauvignon Blanc – $12 2012 Frey Pinot Noir $17 2011 Pircas Negras Malbec $14 2010 Girasole Hybrid Red  $13 Miramonte, May 2013 – Martha’s Village 2011 Chacewater Rose $14 2013 Nuevo Mundo Sauvignon Blanc $12 2010 Chacewater Merlot $17 2010 Girasole Hybrid Red $13 Pizzolato Moscato NV $15 Bellatrix, Nov 2013 – Child Help 2011 Perlage…