You Are What You Eat… and Drink

FoodmattersPoster_Fullres SquareYou Are What You Eat and Drink…

Review of “Food Matters

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.  Hippocrates (460-370 BC).  This is how the film opens.  We have all heard this before, but do you really listen to what it is telling you?

It is evident with Hippocrates’ statement, that what we are learning today is not new, but actually quite old.  We are just now having to relearn it, and that is because most of what we have been taught was misinformation to promote other industries, not health.

But you cannot pull the wool over the public’s eyes forever.  When the results are not working as they should, and people continue to get sick from unknown reasons, then the light-bulbs start going off.  Now, many of us are beginning to realize the benefits of eating healthy and taking our lives in our own hands.

Lincoln said it well, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool All the people All the time”.  We are entering an era of independent thought and actions, where we have to trust our own knowledge and instincts in order to move forward in our evolution.

Hippocrates laid down the foundation of modern medicine.  He believed the human body had and innate capacity for self-healing.  But with all the new pollutants in our society since Hippocrates’ time, we have to take one more step into consideration and get the toxins out before putting anything back into our bodies.  Eating organic foods is one of the best sources for moving the toxins out and moving good nutrients back in.

Not too long ago I was under the assumption that eating and drinking healthy was simply eating more fruits and vegetables and drinking water.  I am proud to say I was on the right track, but after years of doing this I realized even that was not enough.

After watching Food Matters, I soon realized it’s the TYPES of vegetables we put in our bodies and the TYPES of beverages like water and wine that can take us one step closer to optimum health.

“The fact is, simple building blocks like choosing the freshest foods (3-5 days old) as well as those with no chemical intervention makes a huge difference on the nutritional intake and absorption into our blood cells.  “How do you build a building that is supposed to last 100 years that you put pour building materials in”.  – Dr. Dan Rogers

It was hard for me to justify paying a little more for these foods, but this film taught me that the foods I was eating only had 1/2 the nutrients and could be filled with chemicals.  I soon realized I would only have to eat half of the more expensive nutrient rich food to get the same benefits.  By default, I would not have to eat as much, thus it would not cost as much!

What is even more amazing is that food is not only good for you, it can cure and prevent so many aliments.  Charlotte Gerson, founder of Gerson Institute, said, “The normal healthy body has powerful defenses …  with a good healthily normal rich organic food, we can reverse diseases”.

James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, Food Matters  creators do a great job explaining that it was the advancement in medicine and mass food production that put these theories into hiding.  Andrew W. Saul Ph.D., Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist, says it best when he suggests, “what would happen if everybody ate lots and lots of organic food, I’d think we’d have a epidemic of Health.  I think the stock market would tremble, since the drug industry is a half a trillion dollar a year conglomerate.  But there is no money in health.  Good health makes a lot of sense, it just does not make a lot of dollars”.

It is sad yet revealing to when you recognize that their are people who are controlling our health and destiny that do not have our best interest in mind. Fortunately, we can be in control of our destiny.  Yes, It is a lifestyle change, but it is cheap, simple , safe, and effective.

Whether you are starting to get curious about the health benefits food and wine, have a chronic illness that you are trying to cure, interested in what the government has hidden from the public, or what a remarkable machine our bodies are, then Food Matters is the film to watch.

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