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“When I started looking into organic wine, it was just perfect for me,” Arnold says. “It fell right in line with everything I believed in, and here was this niche that was completely un-nurtured and underdeveloped.” – Palm Springs Life Magazine


What Does Mother’s Day Mean to You?

For me, Mother’s Day usually means sleeping in and taking a day off from making breakfast and washing dishes. I also get lots of hugs and get to ignore my calendar of events for one whole day! But on the Monday after Mother’s Day, the alarm clock rings and I’m right back in the kitchen, laundry room, homework table, or being a personal chauffeur again. The joy of celebrating motherhood is not receiving flowers and chocolate, it’s the little things that I get to appreciate each day (but often take for granted). From the time my daughter could hold a…


80 Years in the Retail Wine Business

I’m honored to announce that this month commemorates our family’s 80th year in the retail wine business. In February 1938, Morry Rabin took the leap of faith and opened up a neighborhood liquor store in Long Beach, CA, catering to the local wine drinkers during an otherwise non-wine drinking era. To put this into prospective, Napa wasn’t even on the map as a fine wine destination and prohibition ended just 5 years prior. Thus, most of the wines available at the time were coming from oversees. Every day I am reminded of my family history. While it has become my…

Win a Trip for 2 to Spain

Are you ready to go to Spain? Enter your email today Post your recipe Get ready to pack your bags Bodegas Iranzo produces some of Spain’s Oldest Estate Bottled Wines. The first recorded written evidence of the vineyard Cañada Honda Estate owned by the Iranzo Perez–Duque family dates back to 1335 as granted by King Pedro I of Castilla. The present house of the Iranzo Pérez-Duque family in Requena was built in 1794, and is classified as a Cultural Heritage site by the Valencia Regional Government. Since 1994 Bodegas Iranzo has exclusively produced wine from organically grown grapes making the…