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About Acre

Napa Valley, California
United States

For Mike and Talley Henry, who met as kids on the pristine shores of Fallen Leaf Lake in Tahoe, California, the preservation of our environment and natural resources has always been front and center. Their top priority is to produce stellar wines while minimizing the environmental footprint at every stage of the process. The Henrys have committed to sourcing their grapes from certified organically farmed vineyards, using eco-friendly lightweight bottles, using 100% recyclable materials for corks and eliminating capsules on the bottles.

The wines beautifully express the unique characteristics that define Napa Valley and are sourced from grapes from preeminent, family-owned estate vineyards in the valley, all of which adhere to sustainable and organic farming practices. The Henrys choose these vineyards because of the exceptional terroir, impeccable vineyard management, and resulting quality of the fruit, which set the stage for what you taste in the bottle.