The Flora

The Flora –

Vineyard/Farm as a living, life giving system

COVER CROPS (OG/Organic & BD/Biodynamic)

  • Cover crops such as California poppies and crimson clover attract and feed beneficial insects.
  • A cover crop of oats helps preserve sensitive mountain soils from erosion during heavy winter rains.
  • Plants such as white alyssum and purple vetch, planted in between vineyard rows, help provide food for the soil.
  • Cover crops extract nitrogen, an essential food for plants, from the air and transfer it to the soil where the vine can access it.
  • These plants are tilled in the spring to provide green manure that is broken down by microbes into humus, a natural foods source for vines.


  • Gardens encourage biodiversity and preservation of heirloom varieties while providing fresh, local and organic food for the farmer’s family.


  • Vineyard habitat breaks of yarrow, olive trees and rose clover encourage diverse populations of beneficial insects.
  • Increased vineyard biodiversity creates a self-regulating insect and bird population which keeps pest populations in check.
  • Insects are important pollinators of various plants.


  • By leaving some of the property, such as surrounding woodlands, in its natural state, the farmer increases the biodiversity of the farm and promotes a healthy, self-regulating system to control pests and diseases.
  • Wild areas encourage beneficial plants, insects, animals and birds to move into the vineyard to help regulate pests that harm vineyards.

 Article Source:  Paul Dolan Vineyards