2007 Paul Dolan Deep Red


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Our vineyard soils are Deep Red, and consequently so is this wine. The deep, rich, iron laced volcanic soils contribute to the expression of the ego of this place, the unique expression of a carefully nurtured piece of land, made manifest in each bottle.

To this end, we do without conventional pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Our intention is to treat the soil and all we grow on it as a living, life giving system. From natural composts, colorful cover crops and lively insectory areas to our owl boxes, mobile chicken coops, pasture animals and family garden, our farming practices create special wines, and sustain the land for generations to come.

Deep Red has ripe, round red fruit aromas and deep flavors with complex earthy spice notes. When you stand in the vineyard and taste this wine, you know it’s home. As Biodynamic® farmers, our passion and mission is to create and support a healthy vibrant environment for our grapes to fully express themselves. And when maturity is reached the grapes from this site uniquely express this place, their home.


Varietal:  41% Syrah, 39% Petite Syrah, 15% Grenache, 5% Zinfandel

Vineyard:  100% Mendocino County

*100% Biodynamic® Grapes, Demeter Certified


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