2006 Robert Sinskey Cabernet Sauvignon SLD


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The wine first seduces the eye, flaunting translucent brilliant ruby color, with more red-tones than usual for the SLD Estate Cab. Classic Cabernet Sauvignon aromas of black currant, blackberry, plum, olive and dried herb (anise, fennel, mint) prompt a sip that fills out the aromas and wraps the palate in silk. Fresh, vibrant acidity balances the rich flavors and, along with the wine‘s supple, ripe tannins, begs culinary suitors. While many California Cabernet Sauvignon jump out of the glass, grab you by the throat, and scream at you, this wine speaks softly, has a lot to say, and keeps you coming back to listen.

RSV‘s SLD Estate vineyard wraps around the winery in a horseshoe shape, rising up into the Vaca range in steep terraced steps. Minimal irrigation and rocky volcanic soils severely limit yields and prompt the vine to produce a small crop of very intense, yet balanced, fruit.



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