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Paul Dolan Vineyards farms without pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, treating the soil as a living, life-giving system. Using nature as our inspiration and guide, we craft wines of character and purity.

“After tasting the real difference between organic and conventionally farmed grapes, side by side in a sun-drenched vineyard in 1987, my entire way of thinking about grape growing changed. The organic grapes were expressive, interesting and balanced while the conventionally farmed grapes were bland and insipid,” says Paul Dolan.

It began over dinner at a local fundraiser. On one side of the table sat Paul Dolan, an industry leader in organic viticulture and sustainable business. Across the table sat Tim Thornhill, arborist and horticultural expert known world wide for preserving heritage trees. A passionate dialogue began, fueled by the values and vision Paul and Tim share: commitment to sustainable business, dedication to building community, respect for tradition and confidence in the immense potential of Mendocino County grape growing and winemaking.

By April 2004 the Dolan and Thornhill families had formed Mendocino Wine Co. and purchased Parducci Wine Cellars, Mendocino’s oldest winery. Respecting the heritage of Parducci and the central role the winery has played in the development of Mendocino County’s wine industry, the new owners created a strategy to build on Parducci’s strengths and successes, especially its people. The partners are fully committed to the well-being of Mendocino County – the land, growers, employees and the community as a whole.

Paul Dolan, a 4th generation winemaker, has roots that extend back to the beginning of the California wine industry. His 35-year career, all in Mendocino County, has brought Paul recognition as a pioneer and leader in progressive business practices and organic and Biodynamic® agriculture.

At the heart of Paul’s commitment is his Biodynamic estate Dark Horse Ranch where the 5th and 6th consecutive generations of his family grow grapes in the mountains of Mendocino. Here he and sons Heath and Jason have developed a 70 acre certified Biodynamic vineyard on a 160 acre hillside property east of the river.

Paul resides in Healdsburg, California with his wife Diana and daughter Sassicaia. He spends leisure time in his Mendocino County vineyards and on horseback at Dark Horse Ranch.

In 1997, Bob Swain joined Parducci as Winemaker and quickly began instituting an ultra-premium winemaking regimen, including adding several thousand small oak barrels for aging Parducci wines.

Bob has dedicated himself to crafting wines of character that truly express what makes Mendocino County, his home, special. In addition to winemaking and production, Bob also oversees the planting, farming and harvesting of Parducci’s estate vineyards and helps manages the winery’s relationships with its outside growers. Bob’s talent and dedication to excellence are reflected in the countless awards and accolades Parducci wines have won since his arrival.

Organic Farming is a systems based process emphasizing the use of renewable resources, the conservation of soil and water, encouragement of natural processes and rejection of synthetic chemicals. Organic winegrowing recognizes that healthy soils lead to balanced vines, and superior grapes. Paul Dolan Vineyards farms without pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers, treating the soil as a living, life-giving system. Using nature as our inspiration and guide, we craft wines of character and purity.

• 2009 and 2007 Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award (GEELA). This citation is California’s most distinguished environmental honor.

• 2009 Climate Champion Award from the California Climate Action Registry

• 2008 Published The Green Winegrowing Handbook

• 2007 Achieved Carbon Neutral Status

• 2006 Green Entrepreneur Award from SAFE – BIDCO • 2006 Environmental Business Leader Award from Organic Farming and Research Foundation

Paul Dolan Vineyards
501 Parducci Road
Ukiah, CA

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Photos Provided By:  Evan Johnson, Photographer