Organic Wine Tasting and Tour App For Your Next Trip

Does anyone else ever feel like they have turned into an iPhone app junkie?   I have to admit, a few years ago apple products and iphones were not even on my radar, but due to the persistence of my husband I have now turned into a bonafide gadget girl.  I love when I find apps that are not only well designed but deliver on so many different levels.  If you love wine, like to travel to amazing California vineyards, want to be exposed to organic wineries, and have an iphone, then you should not leave home without downloading the VinOrganica California app.

The VinOrganica  app solves almost every basic need    while you are touring California wineries.  The obvious one is locating organic wineries.  But if you don’t live around the corner from these wineries you also need to find lodging and great places to eat.  Not to worry, as they have it all covered down to filtering wineries that are “Off the Beaten Path”, have “No sulfites Added”, wineries with “Picnic Areas” and more.  You can ever refine these filters by sorting your results by “Name”, Distance”, “Cost” or “Appellation”.



Once you select a winery you will find more details such as winery description, tasting room hours, price, address, and website.  You will also see how far this winery is to your current location (make sure you have your “Location Service turned to the ON position – very important), and a link to a map that will guide you on your way.  Additionally, you will also find “Recommended Nearby Restaurants” and a list of the filters your winery is associated with, and links to them all.  This is an important element as you are not required to leave the winery screen and go back to the list of filters just to find nearby restaurants, nor are you required to do this only once you have arrived at your desired location.  They already thought of this for you and now you can plan ahead.  This really enables you to coordinate your trip with ease.




It is very important to me that an app is well made on different levels.  From choice of color and design, writing and photography and graphics.  I find myself often more critical than most, but it is hard to point out any flaws here.  Not only is the writing superb, but the photography is beautiful.  They even have a cheat sheet of wine terminology for those novices and/or those that have had a few too many sips of wine that day to remember all the lingo.




To give this app an A++, opposed to the A that it receives now, is for them to create a “Trip Itinerary” Tab at the bottom.  I would like the opportunity to select which wineries I plan to visit on a specific trip, and have a place that I can easily reference, and add or subtract wineries during my trip.  Since the VinOrganic California app is only on its first version, maybe they soon will (hint, hint).

All in all, I found this app to be well worth the price.  More than I can say for other apps that have bamboozled me into opening up my pocket book.  So, the question is… will there be a VinOrganica Oregon, VinOrganica Washington, etc. available?  Until then, enjoy your next trip to the California Organic Wine Country using VinOrganica California.

*Note: app does not cover all organic wineries in California, but rather those that have wine tasting capabilities.