Langhe Doc – Stories of Heretics in the Italy of Warehouses

Three characters, three stories of “heretics”, three food producers who think in a different way to describe the transformation of our Country in what in “Langhe Doc” Giorgio Bocca calls the Italy of warehouses.

We’re in Langhe, a unique territory, universally recognized as one of the most beautiful places in Italy, fresh candidate for Unesco World Heritage
but afflicted by uncontrolled economic development, urbanization, overbuilding, abandonment of the less profitable areas.

Those of Maria Theresa, Silvio and Mauro are stories of people who have seen a future they did not like and have refused it. Their challenges are still open, they’re not yet fully met and perhaps they never will: they move in one direction, the world moves in another one, quite the opposite.

Langhe Doc – Storie di eretici nell’Italia dei capannoni (Trailer) / from paolo casalis on Vimeo.

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