Tablas-Creek-Vineyard-nursery-vine-SquareAt Organic Wine Exchange, our mission is to Give Back.  Just as it is necessary to grow a healthy grape to make a natural wine, it is important to encourage a child to build a healthy nation, starting quite literally from the ground up.

Life has to be nurtured, fed and treated with respect in order for it to sustain a bountiful future.  Thus, Organic Wine Exchange is looking for your support and guidance to find Non-Profit Partners to match our goals.

Our goal is to partner with national Non-Profit organizations whose mission is to help inner city children and families learn to grow healthy produce and live a sustainable life.

Organic Wine Exchange will donate a part of its proceeds and create events dedicated to raising money for our partner organizations.  When purchasing wine or attending one of our wine tastings, tours or festivals, you will be giving back to youth who will continue to grow healthy products, for our future generations.

Help contribute to the cycle of life by supporting the organic farmers of tomorrow.  Plant the seed and watch it grow!


Photo Provided By:   Tablas Creek Vineyards