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Lionel Puech and Gilles Louvet

Gilles Louvet Vineyards was founded in 1993 to create exceptional wine in Languedoc by reviving ancient grape growing methods that respect the environment and the richness of the soil. Gilles Louvet’s passion for this lifestyle stems from his grandfather, a fellow vintner. Through him, Gilles gained a deep knowledge of each vine and type of soil that enables him and his partners to produce the best quality grapes from the land.  Great importance is placed on listening to the needs and seasonal cycles of nature in order to bring out the distinctive qualities of the Languedoc region, resulting in the unique character of the wines of Gilles Louvet Vineyards.

In order to control vine and grape disease and weeds that grow in the vineyards, Gilles Louvet Vineyards only use environmentally-friendly methods and products. Aromatic plants, wild flowers and bushes grow throughout the vineyards, maintaining a rich biodiversity and improving the soil structure. Through these practices, the soil has evolved to become richer and healthier, which in turn produces wines with more expressive, complex personalities. Gilles Louvet Vineyards meets the requirements of all the international certifications that allow it to vinify and sell organic wines (NOP, ECOCERT, Delinat, KRAV).

Gilles Louvet was born and raised amongst vineyards and started his viticulture career at 15 by entering viticulture school in Narbonne, where he continues to reside. He also received hands-on learning about vineyard growing and management from his grandfather who was a vigneron. This early experience allowed him to develop his thorough, deep knowledge and respect of plants, based on everyday observations and a life close to nature.

While working as the Director of a Union of Producer’s cooperative in Minervois, one of the coop members was resistant to the use of chemicals in his 20 hectares of vineyards. His reasons were twofold: first, he did not want to spray so close to where his family lived. He was also deeply concerned about the unknown consequences of these chemicals on the soils in the long run. At harvest, Louvet saw that these organically grown grapes were just as healthy, even without the heavy doses of chemicals used by other growers. This marked his first exposure and love for the world of organic grape growing.

Gilles Louvet researched and experimented in winemaking methods to insure quality wines could actually be made from these naturally grown grapes. In 1993, he felt confident in his findings and created his own structure, uniting growers that shared his vision for a healthier future of the earth. Louvet developed a system to control fermentations and winemaking at each of his supplier’s wineries. He now receives each grower’s guarantee that they use these methods.

Lionel Puech is responsible for every aspect of grape growing and winemaking, from buying grapes and wines, to maintaining close relationships and technically supporting the members who are partners of Gilles Louvet Vineyards. His biggest challenge is the compromise between the utmost respect for the environment and the production of expressive wines of the highest possible quality presented in beautiful but a highly recyclable packaging. In order to accomplish this mission, and to respond to the growing worldwide market demand, he needs to identify the best NOP certified grape growers and if not enough of them exist, to train them and show them how to convert to organic grape growing.

Golden Medals – Bruxelles Whorld Challenge 2011
Silver Medals – Decanter Challenge 2011
Gold Medal – Challenge Millesime Bio
Gold Medal – Mundus Vini
Silver Medal – Selection Mondiales du Canada
Bronze Medal – International Wine Challenge
Gold Medal – Gilbert & Gaillard Wine Guide
Silver Medal – Vinalies Internationales
Silver Medal – Challenge Millesime Bio


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