Edoardo Miroglio Flash Sale

Edoardo Miroglio Flash Sale

Bulgaria is located in southeastern Europe, between the 41st and 44th parallel, similar to the famous winemaking regions of northern Italy, southern France, and northern Spain.

While American wine enthusiasts are just gaining access to these delicious wines, Europeans have been enjoying them for centuries—including Winston Churchill who always kept a supply of Bulgarian wine in his cellar.

Edoardo Miroglio winery is an impressive 220 hectares of vineyards in Elenovo, Bulgaria. The region, known as the ancient Thrace, is where the origins of winemaking date back, to the cult of Dionysus and where some of the world’s first wine was produced. They specialize in wine made from indigenous grapes including Mavrud, Rubin, and Bouquet.

Edoardo Miroglio became Certified Organic in 2013, and is considered to be one of the most modern wineries in the country. The wine is made from organically grown grapes.

You may have eaten Bulgarian yogurt made from Lactobacillus bulgaricus or used rose perfume produced from Bulgarian rose oil, but have you tasted Bulgarian wine? Here is your chance to try three Bulgarian wines at an incredible price! 

$12 per bottle |  $72 for a half case (6 bottles)  |  $144 for a full case (12 bottles)

The Bio Rosé and Bio Red, both made of Bouquet and Mavrud, will give you the chance to try some indigenous grapes.

The Bio White, a Viognier and Gewürztraminer (Traminer for short) is a blend that highlights the quality international grapes that Bulgaria grows.

Nazdrave! (“Cheers” in Bulgarian)