Eat & Drink Organic

Flatbread SquareEating organic is no longer a trend.  We have experienced a surge of national grocery store chains carrying organic products and even producing their own organic labels.  We no longer live in a world where you have to belong to a coop or shop only at farmers markets to receive our organic goods. So why is it that people are not drinking organic wines like they are consuming organic foods?  Here are some thoughts.


  1. Labeling – No consistency.
  2. Recognition– Too many different certifying agencies.
  3. Ingredients – No ingredient listing required for wines like other foods.
  4. Knowledge – Not all consumers realize it is an option.
  5. Confusion – Misconception that all wine is organic.
  6. Wineries – Labeling choice or restrictions.

The most obvious on this list is that there is no consistency in the labeling process.  We have grown accustomed to symbols and grocery store signage to help us pick out our food products.  Now that we are conditioned to look for certain clues, what happens when we are forced to read the fine print or even do research on wineries just to find out whether their wine making processes are in line with our food choices.  This all requires too much time and effort for consumers with “lives”. Unfortunately, the ease of purchasing an organic bottle of wine from a store will still be a process, and it will take a while before everyone realizes that not all wine is organic by nature.  As with many things life, “it will come in time” – Alex Nwaka.  Until then, we will do our best to find wineries that produce an honest natural product that match your values.

Photo By:  David Esquire