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Current coupons for July 2024

Get 10% off your first THREE Wine Club shipments with code: WC10X3

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Tips for saving money when purchasing wine online

  • Order more. Of course we would say that, but truly it costs less per bottle since most of the shipping company fees are per box rather than per bottle.
  • Fill the box. Our boxes hold 3, 6, and 12 bottles. Shipping companies calculate rates based on “dimensional weight” rather than simple weight, so shipping 9 bottles costs nearly the same amount as shipping 12… so you may as well fill that case!
  • Order early. Avoid rush charges by ordering in advance of special occasions or holidays.
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Why does it seem so expensive to ship wine?

  • Shipping wine has strict state shipping regulations and fees.
  • Wine shipping packaging is more expensive, as it has to prevent contents from breaking during transit.
  • The extra effort the shipping companies have to comply with, such as delivering packages multiple times, to make sure an adult is available to sign for the product, costs around $4.75 per box.

What to expect from Organic Wine Exchange

  • OWE provides many organic producers under one roof so you will only have to pay for shipping once.
  • OWE will introduce you to wines that are also natural and low in sugar.
  • OWE offers monthly, weekly and holiday specials on shipping and product discounts.
  • OWE will provide email updates for tracking your package. Please make sure and adult is home to sign for your wine..