Biodynamic Winemaking Unleashed

Before delving deeper into the topic of biodynamic wine, one must understand what it is.  Biodynamic wine is made using a special process.  This practice has its supporters and skeptics, for a number of reasons.

Biodynamic wine is made organically, using non-traditional methods.  This practice involves a combination of natural processes, some involving animals and soil.

Like many new or newly recognize practices that become popular, there are  those that sit on different sides of the fence.  If you ever felt confused abou this subject, you are not alone.  You can be bounced around like a ping pong until something finally resonates with you.  Then you will know what side you stand on.

People who prefer to purchase biodynamic wine, do so because they recognize that it tastes better and therefore believe that there is something special about it, although they may not understand what it is that makes it taste better.  Others prefer biodynamic wine because they believe in the special practices used to create it.

Many winemakers believe that the special process makes all the difference.  Advocates suggest that there is no reason to actually make wine this way if it did not truly taste better, because this process is much more tedious and requires a significant amount of work.

Biodynamic wine processing involves mythology that some subscribe to and others do not.   Some biodynamic winemakers do not even advertise that their wine is made biodynamically, because it is not a selling point and they do not want to turn away biodynamic skeptics.   What sells is its taste.  So you may actually be drinking biodynamic wine and not realize it.

Unfortunately there a those who are not quite sold on the process and believe that the reason the wine turns out so well has nothing to do with the philosophies and practices behind biodynamic winemaking.  They believe that there are scientific reasons for why it is good, such as the soil, etc., but that the rituals have little to do with it.

Skeptics believe that biodynamic wine production is just an unnecessary ritual and that new winemakers are just doing this to make their products more expensive, and that there is no actual proof that biodynamic wine is better or healthier at all.  This group believes that biodynamic winemaking is all smoke and mirrors.  They also believe that these practices take away from scientific advances in learning what really makes wine taste better.

In truth, the process of making biodynamic wines is not much of a mystery after all.   Winemakers use natural processes involving soil and animals, to create healthy, organic wine with a rich, pure taste.  They pay attention to the earth’s cycles and spend a good deal of time understanding their vineyard.

If you have yet to try biodynamic wine, you must do so.  You will, no doubt, notice the difference in quality and might even find that you prefer it to wine made using traditional methods.